Gaswin 是購買台灣桶裝瓦斯天然氣的最佳解決方案。我們試圖以更好的方式增加用戶數量,讓業主成為引領天然氣瓦斯桶產業的先驅。
我們通過亞洲最大的即時通訊「Line @」應用程式內建網頁 為用戶提供線上訂購系統。
工作人員則是使用 Android 應用程式 檢查每日應工作派送的項目,簡單完整的作業流程能協助工作人員確保瓦斯桶產品的安裝與回收,同時也能在安裝完的當下請客戶回填滿意評價。
Gaswin is a service of the best solution to buy natural barreled gas in Taiwan. We try to increase the number of users in a better way, let proprietor become the pioneer leading the competitors of natural gas barrels.
We provide users the order system via the biggest Instant Messaging SaaS in Asia "Line@" in-app web.
The proprietor confirms the order on the website dashboard, dispatch delivery, financial statements, staff administration, product management, and customer management.
Staff uses the Android application to check daily projects to make sure the process correctly assembles delivery products.
Brand Logo Design Concept
The Gaswin brand marque is a simplified cloud shape symbolize as a Chinese traditional cloud pattern to the barreled gas outline. Barreled gas in Taiwan is generally in gray bottles. It is our brand spirit to provide "Cloud services" (SaaS) to customers in the blue sky.
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