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I am Eaprica, a Taiwanese freelance product designer with
13 years of experience in UX | UI design.
18 years of experience in branding, graphic, and visual design.
Involving the extensive field of design offers start from client needs, brand strategy, finding product pain points, information architecture, wireframe, mockup, prototype, and demo issues tracking.
Open for new projects and opportunities.
Please feel free to contact me
via     eaprica@gmail.com

AES Mega   韋峰能源
Chiuo Ho Automotive  福特九和汽車
Yulong Automotive  裕隆汽車
Headline Asia
( Infinity Ventures Crypto )
CYLTEK  中雍科技
Lead Trend Global  風全球
Colearna  共學島
HHO Smart   禾禾自動化

Design is 
"Art",  "Economics",  "Science" 
and "Resolved issues".

UI / UX                Application ( iOS, Android ), Responsible Web Design,
                            SaaS, SCADA, ERP, CRM, HMI, Crypto NFT
BR - branding     Brand, Corporate identity system
PK - packaging   Gift, industrial packaging
AT - Animation    json, mp4, gif, riv
Illustration           Digital, Painting, Picture book
Graphic               Advertising, Campaign, Visual design
IPD                      Industrial Product Design

BRAND COLOR  is the best way
for a brand to fascinate the attention of viewers
Enhance the impression with the fastest and maximum range! This is also my strength skill of branding design.
In color marketing, the " 7-second color theory ",  It only takes up to 7 seconds for consumers to determine, whether they are interested and choose to buy a product.
"Color" is the most important factor in up to 67% of the reasons, that affect people's brains to judge their preference for commodities.
According to a survey by the 國際流行色協會, changing the color of the product can bring the value, up to 10-25% creating more profits for enterprises and businesses.
Applications  iOS | Android
Responsive Web Design
Organize, and list product goals, current pain points, execution methods, and expected benefits based on business strategies, and analyze the pros and cons of competing products.
Define main product functions and organize information architecture (site map), user persona design, and user journey to optimize user experience.
Define the functions of user operation flows as a wireframe, to quickly proofread and adjust with client.
After selecting a model visual design style, execute mockup screens of the planned wireframe, provide effects of dynamic demonstration to interact with the user, and adjust the design to a suitable user interface according to the device size.
Tracking and debugging with the actual demo screen to complete the overall design for the entire project.
The above design statement will provide a quotation according to the client's needs.
Brand, Corporate identity system
Brand marque creates and defines standard logo specifications from business strategy, positioning, and roadmap to application implementation.
Brand spirits & Storyboard, Slogan, Brand marque & structure, Company name, Brand identify specification, Color scheme, Brand elements & patterns, Typography, Business card & Stationery, Take-out packaging ( Wrap paper/ Bowl/ Box/ Cup/ Tableware/ Napkin/ Placemat ), Hand Bag, Building-sign/ Shop-sign, Counter, Space-sign, Delivery Car and Motorcycle, Staff uniform, Product photography, Brand image post
The above design statement will provide a quotation according to the client's needs.
Mass production
Gift packaging
Food packaging
Minimize the size and maximum quantity
Food packaging/ Wrap paper/ Box/ Bowl/ Cup/ Tableware/ Napkin, Hand Bag.
Mass production packaging design from the inner buffering ( paper tray/ cardboard/ EPE ) to special structure packaging of the kraft box, carton, and pallet design and pass all the tests of drop-fall and shake ability.
The above design statement will provide a quotation according to the client's needs.
Graphic design
graphics design as brochures, flyers, stickers
Space interior visual design
signboard, price list, visual wall, space signs
Illustration, Comic,
Picture book

Character design - personality, expressions & actions, costume & accessories, storyline, space & background
Industrial design
the design can be used in everyday products
The above design statement will provide a quotation according to the client's needs.
ëaprica creative design
Freelance product designer, focus on the creative design field of...
UI/UX - application and responsible web design.
Branding, packaging, and graphics design.
Marketing and advertising content ideas.
Animation script development and production.
Video editing, and voice actor.
Illustrations painting.

UI/UX designer
UI projects - web video ads forms, backend dashboard.
Branding - renew & guideline.
Website video scenario.

Ubiquiti Inc.
(Taiwan branch, US BIZ)
Packaging design manager
Directly report to the CEO of all packaging industries design. 
Review the design of structure, reliability, efficiency,
improve issues, and manage the project schedule. 
Supervised two members in the Suzhou factory,
control the design quality and efficiency of
three contract manufacturers, ten vendors.

UI/UX designer  |  Skin team lead
Skin team leader analysis design structure for provide assets
and assign jobs to most of 8 members. Common team.
Music, IME, Calculator APPs owner, co-worked with UX, SFM, RD.

(Taiwan branch, Swiss BIZ)  (previous Process group
Branding designer
Branding design, packaging design & production.

Branding designer
Branding design, packaging design.
Thank you for contacting me!